10 Things Freelancers Do Instead of Work

Fess up. You’ve done it too. We’re all guilty of sacking off work in favour of some delightful procrastination from time to time. When we tell clients that ‘the project will take a little longer than we first anticipated’, these are the real reasons why:

10 Things Freelancers Do Instead of Work

1) Watch daytime TV. (Preferably ‘Catfish’ – not just entertaining but also made by fellow freelancers so less guilt ridden.)

2) Make another pot of coffee and combine it with a cigarette/ facebook browse.

3) A little afternoon delight ;-)

4) Surf the net for sports news/houses we know we can’t afford to buy *sigh*.

5) Do household chores. (Sometimes loading the dishwasher sadly is more enticing than sitting at the laptop.)

6) Writing to-do lists/schedules/goals. (This can trick you into feeling productive despite knowing that really you should be working on the last list you made…)

7) Painting your nails/trimming your beard. (Rarely both.)

8) Call up a few of the friends you’ve been meaning to get in touch with for weeks. Hearing all about their new job/partner/baby just can’t wait any longer!

9) Read other people’s blog posts.

10) Write blog posts about stuff you do instead of actual work.

So there you have it, our definitive list of things we do when we should be working.

We would love to find comfort in hearing which guilty pleasures the rest of you freelancers indulge in when the inner-sack takes hold?

Please share your favourite work distractions in the comment box below!

Miss H
Freelance Sack.



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